Knowledge Base

  1. Advocacy 

    1. How does APWA develop Policy and Position Statements?
    2. Is there a Government Affairs Committee (GAC) for Canada?
    3. What is the APWA Washington Report?
    4. What is the infoNOW Government Affairs Community?
    5. What objectives guide APWA's Advocacy efforts?
  2. APWA Reporter 

    1. Are there downloadable version of the Reporter?
    2. Have there been any new topics added to this year's editorial calendar?
    3. How long should articles be that are contributed for the Reporter?
    4. What are the requirements for submitting ad materials to you?
    5. Where can I find past APWA Reporter Publications?
  3. APWA Store 

    1. I did not receive one of the publications on the packing slip and the slip says will be delivered by another shipper.
    2. I keep receiving non-member rates. Why?
  4. APWA/Chapter Events 

    1. What is the largest image I can upload for a chapter event?
    2. Where do I find a list of APWA events?
  5. Awards 

    1. Can I request an award nomination as an example to help me put my submittal together?
    2. Does the deadline mean postmarked or does the nomination have to arrive by the deadline?
  6. Chapter Websites 

    1. Create a hidden page on a Chapter site.
    2. Embedding Videos in Chapter Pages
    3. For some reason I can no longer get into the Chapter Leaders Resource Area of the APWA website.
    4. How come my numbers on the online reports don't add up?
    5. How do I gain administrative rights to a chapter template website?
  7. Click, Listen & Learn (CLL) 

    1. Can the audience ask a question during a CLL?
    2. How can Click, Listen, and Learn work for your Agency?
    3. How does Click, Listen, and Learn work?
    4. Should I encourage all staff to attend the CLLs?
    5. What do I need for Click, Listen, and Learn?
  8. Conferences \ Meetings 

    1. How do we sign up to host a future Congress or Snow Conference?
    2. What are the hotels and rates for Congress or Snow Conference?
    3. What is the registration fee for Congress or Snow Conference?
  9. Information Technology ( IT ) 

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    2. I clicked the link and it does not work.
    3. My file opens instead of downloading. What do I do?
    4. My image is too big. What do I need to look at?
    5. The menu is stacked on top of the other menus.
  10. Membership 

    1. Can a member be in more than one chapter?
    2. Can I be a member of only a chapter and not National APWA?
    3. Can I make a change to another person's member record.
    4. Completing Your Registration
    5. For chapter dues, do we pay 25% of the regular rate of 25% of the special offer rate?
  11. Professional Development 

    1. APWA is an ANSI/IACET-Authorized Provider of CEUs
    2. Are Assessment/Testing required for national institute approval?
    3. Are the APWA CEUs recognized by the State Licensing or Registration Boards?
    4. Chapter Institute Approval Process
    5. For which events does APWA offer individuals the opportunity to obtain IACET-CEUs?
  12. Self Assessment 

    1. How do I restore a deleted user?
    2. I can't change the date on my chapter or task.
    3. I can't see all the chapters.
    4. Where can I find my Product Key?
    5. Where do I get the Product Key for the Self Assessment Site?
  13. Technical Committees 

    1. Does APWA collect information on best practices or recommended staffing?
    2. How can I get involved in the work of the technical committees?
    3. How do we know what the technical committees are doing?
  14. Username \ Password 

    1. I forgot my password.
    2. I forgot my Username or APWA ID Number
  15. WorkZone 

    1. Do I get any kind of discount on WorkZone because I''m a member?
    2. How do I post an ad on WorkZone?
    3. I can not edit my advertisement.
    4. I currently am not employed and the WorkZone sign up requests work information. Can I sign up to seek employment without entering that information?
  16. All articles 

    1. I forgot my password.
    2. Can the audience ask a question during a CLL?
    3. How does APWA develop Policy and Position Statements?
    4. Can a member be in more than one chapter?
    5. Do I get any kind of discount on WorkZone because I''m a member?

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